Holiday Party Part 2 – Ugly Christmas Sweater

I love any reason to wear Christmas sweaters.  Whether it be a work party, family get together or just because it’s Christmas and it’s the right thing to do.  I love them.  This shouldn’t just be a party theme, it should be a requirement for the entire month of December.  I also think Christmas music should start when summer ends…making us wait til after Thanksgiving is rude.

2. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

That’s a mouthful, but it’s one of the most popular themes of the season.  I personally don’t find any Christmas sweater ugly.  They’re all beautiful in their own way…am I taking this too far?  Here’s a few different ways I like to style Christmas sweaters.


I love the casual distressed jeans with an old, faded and worn sweater look.  Layer a white cami underneath, simple stud earrings and go with a cute messy bun or a loose pony tail.  Another cute accessory would be some oversized glasses, whether you wear prescription or not, they’re usually an easy find at Forever 21 or H&M.  Low top white converse go with any denim, but I think they pair perfectly with cropped boyfriend jeans.

Next up, I chose to glam up this adorable black and white Christmas sweater with a skater skirt.  I love the flare of skater skirts and they’re so flattering on all different body types.  A black and white outfit always needs a pop of color, so I chose red heels with a cute bow on the back to “tie” (get it? Haha ok moving on) into the Christmas spirit. Accessorize with a chunky chain link statement necklace, gold cuffs and assorted gold and rhinestone mid rings.  Finish this look off with a chain link cross body bag and a cranberry red manicure.

I had to find a boot look.  I get my love of boots from my mom who has literally collected boots since I was in elementary school, and now my two year old daughter has the same obsession.  The boots I am loving right now are the ugg type boots with laces.  They’re nice and soft and warm inside, but lace up like your typical snow boot, and stop perfectly just above the ankle.  I am in love.  Neutrals pair really well with darker denim, so I’d go for either skinny or boot cut dark wash jeans.  This is a very “cutesy” sweater, so I think I’d stick with that “cute, innocent” theme and just do a ponytail with a bright red bow. 

Christmas sweaters come in all different styles and can be found anywhere from your local thrift store, to Macy’s and Nordstroms.  If it’s too boxy, add a thin belt to cinch your waist.  If you’re not happy with the neck line, cut it and make it an off the shoulder sweater.  If it’s real old school and has shoulder padding, go ahead and remove that ASAP, roll up the sleeves a bit and maybe wear your hair down if the shoulders still look bulky. You can’t go wrong with anything Christmas themed!  Have fun with it and most of all enjoy being in the Christmas spirit!


Holiday Party Part 1 – Employee Christmas Party

Tis’ the season for holiday parties!  There are lots of different types of parties this time of year, so instead of leaving you with one super long post, I am going to break this up and make it a series.  So! It’s time to pull out all the glitter laced perfection in your wardrobe, and let’s get to work!

1. Employee Christmas Party
This one can be tricky because employee holiday parties can be held anywhere from the bosses house, to a hotel ballroom.  Either way, we all want to let our coworkers know we have more than slacks and cardigans in our closet.  However, do not let the word “party” fool you.  Remember that these are your coworkers, your supervisors and so on, and you still have to work with them on Monday.  So even if your boss is wasted by the time you get there, or your work bestie is taking shots with the marketing team, make sure you show up (and leave) looking absolutely glamorous.

Gold seems to be my favorite color for the holidays.  Something about that sparkle and the fact that it goes with all of the typical holiday colors – red, geen, silver, and glitter…yes glitter is a color…to me.  So when it comes to styling my outfit for a work Christmas party, I would go for darker colors, accented by bright, beautiful gold accessories.


I chose a dark red velvety dress with a high neckline which is classy, chic and trending at the moment.  I love a shorter dress with long sleeves, to me the sleeves elongate the arms, and pairing the dress with heels will elongate your legs.  I chose a chunkier heel for this look because chances are, you will probably be standing for a majority of the time and mingling with the higher ups.  A chunkier heel is a little more comfortable, and a little more supportive after a few cranberry vodkas.  Stockings would be a must for me, I personally would go with a flat black stocking, however you could definitely do lace printed tights, or even a simple pair with a seam up the back to add a little something…interesting…to your outfit.  Over top I chose a black blazer with leather accents on the sleeves, and gold hardware to compliment the gold accessories.  I really like the edginess of this blazer and would even pair this dress with a lightweight leather jacket.  The dress is so classic, I really think an edgy jacket is the perfect contrast, and will definitely turn heads.  Simple gold drop earrings and a gold cuff is all this outfit needs as far as accessories go.  I think a chunky statement necklace would be beautiful as well, but swap the drop earrings out for studs.

With the high neckline of the dress, I’d go for an updo for the hair, maybe a sleek pony or a high bun.  To continue with the gold theme, I’d recommend a dark brown smokey eye with bright gold on the lids.  Pair that eye look with a deep red lip – matte or glossy, I prefer glossy for the holidays!  Lastly, treat yourself to a manicure and choose a glittery gold or even a shimmery cranberry red would be perfect to finish off this look.

Thanks for sticking with me through this novel of fashion talk!  I can go on and on, but I will leave you with this last piece of advice: you never know who’s watching at your employee Christmas party, take any chance you can to shine amongst your peers.  Conduct yourself with class and a little sass – you will be noticed.



Isn’t it funny how when things aren’t perfect or you’re feeling down, those are also the times you feel most inspired?  That’s definitely me.

I want to talk about passion.  What do you love?  What can you do all day, every day, and never get tired of?  What are your talents?  Look into your childhood, who were you when you played “pretend?”  What are your hobbies?  The answers to these questions will point you to your passion. Now, imagine if you were bold enough and had the confidence to chase your passion, your dreams, and post it on social media.  Sounds pretty scary, right?  You’d be subjecting yourself to negative comments, dislikes, rude jokes – pretty much a ton of negativity.  There are people who take the time out of their day to stop, compose the perfect negative comment, and click post just to ruin someone elses’ day.  But, I don’t want to focus on that in this post.  This is to applaud those with the strength, confidence, drive, resilience and pure beauty to keep pushing through all the negativity – I respect you.  You are an inspiration.

Whatever your passion is, share it with the world!  Who cares if others don’t approve or don’t like it, that’s not your business.  Your business is blessing the world with your gift.  It takes a lot to show any piece of you on social media, but to post you pursuing your true passion – that takes guts!  And as scary as it can be, it is necessary.  People want to see it, people are interested.  When a negative comment is posted, remember that that comment is a reflection of the person who took the time to compose it.  Many are threatened by the success, strength and confidence of others.  I encourage everyone to encourage and uplift those around you.  Not only will this simple action make others feel good, but it will make you feel good too, I promise.  Understand that one person’s love probably won’t be the same as yours, and that’s ok.  Love what you do every day, and don’t let a negative comment change that.  Don’t question yourself, listen to your heart and go with what feels right.  You CAN do it.  You will do it.  Never give up.  Remember that people have done more with less.  Remember that somebody would love to be you, so please, do not waste your talents!  Yes, it takes time, hard work, and dedication to chase your dreams, but imagine how happy and fulfilled you will be.  Imagine the lives you can change.  When you work hard for something, anything, the reward is that much greater.  You’re gifts are needed in this world of heartache, your gift will make this life beautiful.  I promise that you pursuing your passion will inspire someone else to do the same.  Imagine that chain reaction!  Make life beautiful.  You’re needed, sometimes by people you don’t even know.